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Read This Before You Buy A Log Home

By: Dennis Conner

A log home is a much less expensive purchase than a traditional home made from bricks and mortar. For your money you can buy more living space, more bedrooms and more bathrooms with as many appliances and features as a standard house. These log homes are also attractive and many have porches incorporated into the design to give them a really traditional appearance. These homes can be bought in kit form for self builds or can be built for you by the manufacturer or a construction company. Whichever way you choose to go about making your purchase, there is one thing you should bear in mind before parting with your money.

The Log Homes Council (LHC) is an organisation which encourages the manufacturers of log homes to meet their specifications in order for them to become members. The LHC is a branch of the National Association of Home Builders but they deal specifically with log homes. When looking for a company from which to buy your log home, you should ensure that they are a member of this council. Membership is achieved by meeting the requirements of the council, all of which are aimed at ensuring the quality and safety of the companies and their products.

In order to become a member of this council there are a number of things a manufacturer must comply with. Firstly, the logs that they used must be graded. This is done through a log grading program. The LHC recognises log grading programs from three areas - the council itself, Timber Products Inspection and VTT. This means that the customer is guaranteed to get high quality logs for their home.

The members of the LHC must also adhere to a rigid code of ethics. This ensures that the businesses are fairly run and that their finished product is to an acceptable standard. They are also obliged to give truthful and accurate information to prospective and existing customers regarding the construction and materials used in their product. They must also participate in and sponsor research and training with the overall aim of improving the standards within the log home industry.

The LHC also has other criteria which its members must meet, making them a vital point of call for anyone who is considering buying a log home. Council members may charge slightly more for their product, but with this additional cost you are purchasing peace of mind and the knowledge that your home will be of high quality and precision.

The author is a regular contributor to The Log Home Advisor where more information about buying, selling and building log homes is freely available.

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