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A Review of Small Log Cabins

By: Morgan Hamilton
It really is wonderful to relax in a house constructed of Tennessee Cedar Milled logs to get you reconnected with mother nature. Many country-loving people a door staying in small log cabins of different shapes and sizes whether for vacation homes, permanent residences or even used as storage units. There is a rustic nature about them that is extremely appealing.
Some "small log cabins" can be large enough to call home. Some log cabins are big enough to have whirlpool tubs, skylights and many suburban niceties and creature comforts.

At the outset, small log cabins were built for the sole purpose of being permanent homes. Around the 1800's small log cabins met the basic requirements of a home, and one could be constructed in as little as a few days using some very basic tools. These early small log cabins were uncomplicated yet sturdy and very affordable to make. They stood the test of the ages and survived all that nature threw at them.
Nowadays, while construction and design have become increasingly sophisticated, staying in such a charming place is still fun and is the ideal vacation for individuals who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Small log cabins can be purchased through realtors and can provide a great place to live, complete with all of the modern day amenities that we seemingly can't live without. So for the big question, what does it cost? Prices can be expensive; small log cabins can approach the same price as some small suburban residences, or even exceed their price tags, it all depends in the quality and design.

The frontier spirit in America is alive and well. Some ambitious people have purchased their own property and designed their own small log cabins for a fraction of the price of a new one. Purchasing just basic materials and having a good design could get you you to the small log cabin of your country fantasy, and it won't break the bank.Smaller log cabins can be quite charming and enjoyable to listen.
If the rural life is for you and then they may make an ideal second home.Many small log cabins are sold in pieces and assembled by the buyer who has a choice of either doing it himself or hiring skilled carpenters. Do-it-yourself log cabin kits, with supplies and instructions, are very affordably priced. You can go online and pick one up on the Internet and have it shipped to the destination of your choice. Some small log cabins are constructed as modules and can be delivered prebuilt to your site on a truck. Small log cabins have really come a long way since the frontier days of early America. They still hold a place in our hearts.
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