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Common Elements of Log Home Decor

By: Johnson

Log home building was at its peak in the latter half of the 20th century, and that trend is still going on. One of the biggest allures of a log home is the overall look that it has from the outside. However, interior log home décor varies from one family's home to another, though there are some basics that the vast majority of all log homes incorporate where décor is concerned.

Log home décor requires finding a style that complements the basic elements of the home. Log homes do not have flat walls to be painted or wall-papered; the interior of the house is just as dominantly wooden as the outside. The walls are wooden, and most of the time the floors are as well. Even stairwells and doors are constructed out of the same woods as the rest of the house. The challenge of log home décor is to find the best way to complement the wood, so that the interiors get the look that is both authentic and pleasing to the eye.

Depending on the exact shade of wood that your home is made of, shades of blue with white are a popular color combination in log homes. Traditionally, lighter woods and stains incorporate a blue and white color scheme into the log home décor very well. Darker log homes generally use bolder colors, such as the traditional red and green.

But the color scheme alone is not enough, it should be used effectively. Generally, the "proper" log home décor is a country style; that will include shorter curtains (not lavish ones), limited amounts of carpeting (many go for area rugs only) and a few select works of art to adorn the walls. Modern art often looks out of place in log home décor, and furniture tends to lean more towards wooden rocking chairs with fabric cushions than overstuffed, reclining easy chairs.

Of course, it is up to each family to decide what décor they want for their log home. However, a quick survey of home magazines reveals a striking similarity of style when it comes to log homes. Probably, it is because the style of the house doesn't lend itself to a great diversity; it could also be so that the people who prefer log homes have similar tastes in decorating. With whatever style you choose for your log home décor, make it appealing and harmonious.
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