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Decorating A Log Home

By: Mr.Andrew Caxton

Log homes provide minimal choices for decorating themes. Choose your color scheme based upon the color tone or your wood. When you choose your decor, make certain it is attractive and complements the rest of the home.

The building of log homes peaked during the end of the 20th century and still continues. One of the things that draws people in the most is the way a log home looks from the outside. On the inside of the home, however, each family's interior log home décor is different from another. Of course, there are some basic that most people log homes utilize regarding home decor.

Basic Concepts for Decorating a Log Home

Decorating a log home's interior means you must locate a style that will complement the home's basic elements. Log home lacks flat walls that you can paint or to which you can apply wallpaper; the interior is of a wooden nature just like the outside. The home's walls and frequently the floors as well are wooden as are the stairwells and doors. You will find it challenging to decorate your log home, but the key is to find the most appropriate way to complement the wood in order to give the interior an authentic look that appeals to the eyes. A traditional home decor, for example, would not work well in a log home.

Using different shades of blue along with white is a well-liked color scheme for log homes, contingent upon the exact shade of the wood out of which your home is constructed. A blue and white color scheme works well with woods of a lighter shade, while darker woods use bolder color combinations like red and green.

The color scheme cannot stand by itself bur necessitates its effective use. In most cases, country style is the décor of a log home. This decorating style entails using curtains that are shorter and simpler with very minimal carpeting, often using nothing but area rugs and perhaps a few pieces of art hung on the walls. Modern art doesn't complement the décor of a log home very well, while furniture is usually of the wooden variety such as wooden rocking chairs that have fabric cushions instead of the overstuffed or reclining easy chairs that you find in modern homes.

Deciding How to Decorate Your Log Home

The final decision concerning the decorating décor for their log home is up to each family. If you conduct a quick survey of different home magazines, you will find there tends to be a similarity of style among log home owners. This is more than likely because the style of the house doesn't give many options in diversity or it may be that people who dwell in log homes have similar decorating tastes. No matter which style you choose, make sure it is attractive and complementary.

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