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Living In A Log Home

By: John Maxim
Living in a log home indeed sounds special. It is like a closer walk to nature. Nowadays, people consider shelter not only as a basic need but as well as a niche of their sel-expression and sense of style.
For some people, living in a log house or log home is extra special, how did log homes start to become popular?
Technically speaking, a log home is the same thing as a log cabin in the old times. It is a house typically made from logs that have not been milled into conventional lumber. The difference between a log home and a log cabin is that- a log home is more complete. It possesses all aprts of a typical house these times. On the other hand, log cabin is smaller and it was used as a hunter's hide-out in old times.
Handcrafted and milled are two of the different types of log homes. The former is typically made of logs that have peeled but are otherwise unchanged from their original natural appearance when they were trees. A milled home is one that is made of of logs that have run through a manufacturing process to remove natural features and flaws of the log and convert them into timbers that are consistent in size and appearance. According to log constructors, milled logs are not logs at all. It is because they have lost the natural properties that would let them be worthy of such term.
In retrospect, handcrafted log homes were started to be built ages ago. It all started in Eastern Europe, Russia, Scandinivia and other nearby. It was brought to North America in the 1700s by Scandinivian settlers. With this, other colonizers were also interested and adopted the idea. The 1920s serves as the advent of the firdt-milled log home. These logs were not the same as the conventional-real logs. Instead, they are shaped and were already cut.
As time passes, there are different means of building log homes were developed. They are as follows:
*Scandinavian Full-Scribe
*Flat-on- flat
*Milled log homes often are constructed with a variation of "flat-on-flat"
These days more and more people are building log homes which utilize milled variety since they are lesser expensive.
John Maxim is a freelance writer for the Home Builder Times. He writes a regular column which is published every Thursday. His latest 'favorite pick' is Bantick Log Homes.

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