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Shopping For Your Dream Log Home

By: Lydia Quinn

When you've finally decided to take the leap of buying a log home, where do you start? Here are some excellent options and resources to help you attain your dream of log home ownership:

Existing Log Homes

You can go to a realtor and tell them you're looking specifically for a log home. You can also research the real estate section of your local newspaper, check out the latest real estate listing circulars and peruse your local online real estate listings for existing log homes for sale. However, you may find your best option to be a specialized real estate listings directory specifically for listing log homes. A site that is dedicated just to listing log homes will offer you a better selection as well as additional resources for log home owners and buyers that may be valuable in your hunt for a log home. An excellent site to start at would be LogHomeExchange.com, it's a site that lists ONLY log homes and was created specifically to cater to people searching for a log home.

Log Home Kits

Another option for a log home is to build one using a log home kit. There are companies around the country that offer log home kits, which typically include plans as well as the logs you'll need to build it. The logs are usually prepared in a factory. Logs usually come pre-cut, as well as pre-dried and grooved. Other materials that may be included in a log home kit include the window and door frames, caulking and foam gaskets for proper sealing and fasteners to put your logs together properly, including steel rods, nuts, washers and couplers. Most kits will also include a construction manual that you use as instructions to put everything together. Log home kits make it possible for you to do it yourself and this can cut costs greatly. However, keep in mind that kits won't include work on electrical, plumbing, windows, kitchen, pretty much anything other than the actual walls and roof. Still, it can be an excellent option for the do it yourselfer or people on a budget.

Custom Designed New

You can also hire one of many log home builders around the country. There are dozens of home builders around the United States that will design as well as build your dream log home. They may even help you find appropriate land to build your home on, if that is also needed. While a custom designed log home may prove to be more expensive that buying an existing home or using a log home kit, there are also some superb advantages. One advantage is that you will get a final product that is much more attuned with your likes and needs and how you live everyday. Another advantage is that a custom built log home can be customized to take advantage of the surrounding environment. For example, maybe you would prefer a view from the south of your home site, rather than the east? Or perhaps you'd like the designer to leave plenty of space for a vegetable garden or expansion for a patio or greenhouse. There are options with a custom designed home that you could never get if buying an existing log home or buying a log home kit. For many log home owners, the benefits of a custom designed home, built just for them, far outweighs any additional costs that will be incurred.

Lydia Quinn writes for Log Home Exchange, where you can find information on buying and selling your log home. Visit us at: http://www.loghomeexchange.com/

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