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Why Choose A Log Home?

By: Lydia Quinn

In the market for a new home? Why not consider a log home? Here are a few reasons why a log home just might be right for you:


Needless to say, the natural, rugged beauty of a log home is striking against a forested backdrop. A log home has a rustic, primitive beauty missing from traditional homes.


Do you want your home to stand out from the rest? A log home will definitely stand out. The look of a log home is so unique and rustic, especially in an area where there are traditionally built homes. Are you someone who doesn't like to conform to what the rest of the crowd is doing? A log home may be the way to go.


Any home can be comfortable, but a log home can offer a cozy, warm feeling that a traditional home simply cannot duplicate. Just imagine sitting by the fire sipping a cup of hot cocoa. Imagine waking up in a room where the logs walls are exposed and feeling like your in an old western movie. Imagine celebrating Christmas in a log home, with a huge Christmas tree, stockings hanging over the rustic fireplace and the children snuggled safely in their beds to awaken to presents from Santa the next morning. The ambience of a log home is like no other.


Maybe your ancestors came to the U.S. long ago and lived in a log cabin. You can get a feel for how they lived then, while still enjoying today's modern conveniences. A log home offers a certain connection with history and a pioneer spirit that is missing in traditionally built homes.


Nowadays, log homes can be built from reclaimed and salvaged timber, so you aren't cutting down forest to build your home. Not only that, but a log home is actually biodegradable, after many years, it will simply begin to rot away and the logs will become part of the forest from which it came. Log home construction also tends to use less toxic materials so the environmental footprint is much less. You can also use solar panels, Energy Star compliant appliances and accessories and your log home becomes one of the most environmentally sound choices for the home owner concerned about environmental issues.


Modern log homes, especially those built from kits or packages can actually be cost saving, sometimes less than traditionally built homes. With the average cost of homes built in the US about $115 per square foot, log homes usually have a cost of $90 - $110 per square foot. Plus, since log homes can be weather proofed like never before, this adds up to long term cost savings in heating and cooling costs. Log homes are also generally more strongly built than traditional homes, so a log home can last many years and stand up to the test of time and weather while also keeping its value.

So when thinking about your next home, why not consider a log home? The advantages are many and the modern advances in construction of log homes makes it a viable, even savvy option for your main home or just a vacation home. Don't rule out the beauty and spirit that only a log home can offer.

Lydia Quinn writes for Log Home Exchange, where you can find information on buying and selling your log home. Visit us at: http://www.loghomeexchange.com/

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